This is the links section of the Oregon Motorcycle Parts site where you will find some of my favorite
links and links to the competition so you can comparison shop for your parts.

Feel free to eMail me any links that you think would be useful to other motorcycle riders and I'll put
them up here if I think they're worthwhile.
Motorcycle Clubs and fan sites

KZ - Dedicated to Kawasaki KZ series bikes

XS11 Owners association - A great place to meet other XS11 owners and get information on these wonderful old bikes

The GS Resources - A Web Registry, Owners Guide, Marketplace, and Magazine for Classic Suzuki GS motorcycles - The Online Home of the Honda Single Overhead Cam Four Owners Club

Yamaha Triples -The power of three. - Dedicated to the SOHC Honda CB400F Supersport

Mobile Bay Vintage Bike Club - For vintage bike owners in the Mobile Bay area (Alabama, Mississippi and Florida)

Clever Dog Road racing - Road racing old Honda twins

The KZ400 Website - Dedicated to Kawasaki KZ400s and the people who love them.

Yamaha - Dedicated to the Yamaha 650 twins from the XS1 to the XS650

Kawasaki Twins Owners Forum - A good place for Kawie twin riders to hang out and talk about their bikes.
Other Motorcycle Parts companies (in no particular order)
(and in some cases my competition.   I have not done business with all of them so Caveat emptor )

In no particular order

HVC Cycle -  Dedicated to the care and feeding of two stroke Yamahas and Kasawakis

Dennis Kirk - Parts and accessories for Harley and the big 4 Japanese bikes

CRC2 Online - New and used parts for Japanese bikes

Parts & More - Vintage Japanese motorcycle parts

Electrex USA - Replacement parts used in powersports electrical and charging systems - Everything for the sport bike rider.  This place has all the goodies for go fast type riders.

Cycle Psycho - An all indoor motorcycle salvage shop in Eugene, Oregon.  Dave Morgan (the owner) is also a good guy to do business with.

Dyna Performance Electronics - High performance ignition parts for most bikes.

Mike's XS - Specializing in parts for the Yamaha 650

Jardine Headers - Jardine exhaust systems are manufactured using the latest technology.  A full selection of stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber exhaust
systems for cruisers, street bikes and off road motorcycles.

Limey Bikes - Vintage Japanese motorcycle repair and restoration in Austin, TX, - Replacement OEM fairings.

HID Country - Supplier of HID Xenon products including HID head lights, fog lights, led flashlights

Other Motorcycle related stuff

Langlitz Leathers - Makers of the worlds finest motorcycle leathers, located in Portland, OR and only a short ride from here.  If and when I drop a few pounds (OK
more than a few,) I'll add a picture of me in my Langlitz jacket to the about page.

Steve's Home Page - A good collection of bike info in the UK and lots of good bike links

The Irving Vincent - A reproduction of one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever built.

MSD Ignition Systems - Super cool high powered capacitive discharge ignition systems for cars & bikes.

Bell Helmets - Top quality American made helmets and the only company to make a helmet big enough for me.

Mackie Enterprises - Motorcycle ramps and tie down system.  

Twinlinemotorcycles - Custom  bike builder in Seattle, WA. café, street bikes, vintage racers, restoration, & Dyno tuning.

Advantage Insurance Corp - Need bike insurance in Oregon, this guy can help.

NorthStar Gloves - These folks custom made a pair of gloves for me with the seams on the outside so they wouldn't rub my fingers       raw.  They're in Tacoma,
Washington USA and it's really great getting a quality American made product for a good price from a company with excellent customer service (kind of like us here at
OMP.)  I'll put up some pix later on but I wouldn't go riding without them...

BeverlyBay - Motorcycle covers.  High quality automotive grade vinyl. Installs in seconds. Elasticized bottom edge affords a custom fit.
Other Links
Not necessarily motorcycle related and it no particular order
Snopes - Urban Legends Reference Pages

Darwin Awards- A monument to stupidity

Y.B.D.B. Power Blender - Margaritas anyone?

Doctor Mega Volt - A shockingly good website

Pietenpol Air Camper and Sky Scout - An originally motorcycle powered airplane

Evans Aircraft - Flying on a budget

GOA - Gun Owners of America

JPFO - Jews for Preservation of Firearms Ownership

NRA - The National Rifle Association

REI - Snobby camping equipment for backpackers and also good for motorcycle camping (but don't tell them that)

Harbor Freight Tools - Inexpensive imported tools.  Not usually the best tools in the world but usually more than good enough to get the job done.

The Nutty Company - A good place to buy hardware - Their free Firefox browser is better than IE or Netscape.  I've been using Firefox and Thunderbird eMail client for some time now and I couldn't
recommend them more.  It's amazing something this good is free!

AVG anti virus -  Another freebie that is too good to be free but is.