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For the past several years I have refused to have a minimum order.  With the higher cost for postage and credit card processing fees, we were loosing money on small orders.  From now on all orders less than $15 will have $10 added to the shipping.  If you want to make a small order, mail orders will not have a minimum order...
I've recently had to do a full overhaul of the OMP website and migrate it to a new webhost.  I think this is an all around good move...

Some of the features of the old site are not going to be coming back and other's will take some time.  The connection repair and Goldwing stator and rectifier plug repair pages will be coming back  but I can't say when. 
For now it's best to remember this site is once again a work in progress...  I'm open to suggestions on how to make this site more user friendly.

I also overhauled our eMail system and hopefully bouncing eMails and eMails ending up in a black hole are a thing of the past.  I also added a new mail eMail account for the site, Tony@OregonMotorcycleParts.com.  This makes more sense, since I have always been the only one answering eMails.  Sending an eMail to either of the old account addresses will still get to me...
Just because your bike is 20 or more years old, it doesn't mean it's not still a great machine.  However most motorcycle companies would rather you bought a new bike instead of fixing the ride you already have and have discontinued the sales of many replacement parts.

Hello, I'm Tony Weeks and I started making these parts because replacement rectifiers for one of my bikes had been discontinued.  Now I offer them to you.  Every part I sell is rated at twice or more amps as the OEM part it replaces.  You have my personal guarantee on that.  When you install one of my rectifiers or regulators it will likely be the last one that bike will ever need.  I designed my parts to out last the bikes they go on.  For more information about me and Oregon Motorcycle Parts go to my about OMP section.

Most of my parts are made (by myself and my family) right here in Willamina, Oregon (from both imported and domestic components.)  Just like that big company that makes printers and computers, I have started out making parts in my garage.  I currently do not have a storefront and I have no plans to add one.  So everthing I have to offer is right here...

Free technical support is provided with all sales and before you buy.  If you need help,  eMail me and I'll do my best to help you. 

This begins with presales charging system diagnostics and continues on with installing the part and checking out the system afterward to make sure it's all working correctly.  I will also answer most motorcycle relate questions if I know the answer.  If you're not at all sure what you need or need help figuring out the problem, just ask...  I'd rather help you diagnose the problem than sell you a part that you don't need.

I don't give out my phone number very often because I tend to talk a long time and then I don't get parts made and orders get behind.  I ask that you be considerate and try to resolve support problems by eMail.

Check out our new diagnostic and technical info page.
Don't hesitate to eMail me for tech support at  Tony@oregonmotorcycleparts.com

I can also be reached though oregonmotorcycleparts@gmail.com or from our Facebook.