This page used to be reserved customers  bike pix but now I'm
to be using it to put up pix I like and other pictures I've taken.

I've moved the customer bike pix to our Facebook page.  In case you're wondering why I kept the customer bike pix of the
old Yamaha two stroke twins and Suzuki two stroke triples, I was really into these bikes back in the day.  I still have an R5
Yamaha that I hope to restore one of these days...
This is the same bike in pic to the left but with updated wheels, brakes and front suspension.
Stan and his 1975 Suzuki GT750 Café racer from Maastricht, The Netherlands.  This has to
be one of the nicest GT750s ever and I'm proud to have one of my rectifiers and voltage
regulators on it. The pic on the left is the same bike to the left but with updated wheels,
brakes and front suspension.  Stan was one of my first beta testers and was very helpful with
the design of the voltage regulator mounting plates and this is why he is the only one to have
earned the honer to be pictured here with his bike.
My old XS11 Mongrel and test bike for
the rectifier / regulator units.
 It's a
good thing it runs better than it looks.  I
sold this bike to my cousin and he's
planning to upgrade the looks.  I rode it
for 3 years and only washed it once.
This is another XS11 club bike from
NW Washington state.  It started out
as a 1979 standard model and is
slightly modified and highly detailed.
It's what I would like my other XS11
to look like when it's done.
CB550 former road racer and also belongs
to Joe C here in the Portland area.  I saw
this bike run at PIR in the early 1980s. It's
pretty fast for a vintage 550.
The Lady in SW Washington state that
owns this tricked out RD350 must ride it
fast.  I couldn't imagine any one having a
bike like this and only putting around on
1972 GT750 Suzuki
Here's my new ride.  It's a very clean 1975
Honda Goldwing with a 1980 GL1100 engine.  
I had planed to use this bike to test a reg/rec
unit and electronic ignition modules  for GL
series Hondas but I traded it off when I
This fast little RD350 belongs to Nate
in Michigan
This pic marks a few firsts for me.  It was
my fist British bike and I took the picture
the first week when I got my first 35mm
Nikon camera.   I ran 2 rolls of B&W film
though it while learning to use the camera
and developed them myself.  I will be
scanning more old negatives and posting
the pictures here as I get to it...
This is an old picture of me and my daughter in
our Langlitz Leathers jackets taken around
1989.  She loved riding on the back of my bike
so much that she would want to go riding even
in a hard rain...Me no so much.  As I've gotten
older I've been come a fairweather rider.
Another Vincent at the bike rally around